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Atlanta House For Sale on Halloween

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Atlanta house for sale

Someone Just Passed Away In That Atlanta House And It Is for Sale.

If you are house hunting and you find one Atlanta house for sale that is pretty much affordable and nice but somebody recently passed away inside that house, regardless of how that person died, would you buy the Atlanta house?

I asked my colleagues:

Yvette answered, “If the house is for sale and it is nice, in a very comfortable location and affordable, yes, I will buy the house.  The person who died in the house can never go back and haunt the property.”

Sarah says, “That will be a case to case basis and depending on your beliefs… For me it doesn’t matter if someone died in that house as long as I feel good vibes and the house exudes comfort and place is neat. I would buy that house.”

“Do you believe in ghosts?” I asked Carrie yesterday and she answered, “I do…LOL”

Fair enough.

I am also curious to know how our readers will react to this question.  C’mon send us your feedback by commenting below, we would like to hear from you.

Do you want to know my answer to this question?  Well I don’t have one. I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.  I do know I would want to know how it happened in that house, which room and who was involved. I would need DETAILS!  As a kid I freaked out pretty easily mostly because I have seen some ghosts, including my dead brother and it’s scary.

Most men that I know are not afraid at all and would probably check out the Atlanta house for sale without the preconception that the house will be sold at a bargain price.  It really comes down to superstitious and beliefs.  And if you are the type who does not believe in anything and does not want to pass on such deals then for sure you’ll go ahead and buy the house.

We just raise this topic because it’s Halloween soon and this is fun thing to think about. So, are you planning to hunt an Atlanta house for sale or just visit haunted houses this Halloween?  If you are in Atlanta and would like to entertain yourself with scary, spooky and gory attractions, check out the following:

  1. 13 Stories Haunted Houses 
  2. Fear the Woods  
  3. Atlanta Zombie
  4. Haunted House
  5. Fright Fest 
  6. Chambers of Horror

I don’t really enjoy being frightened but I am sure these attractions are pretty much in demand this Halloween season.  So enjoy but don’t scare the weak hearted ones!

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