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Attracting House Buyers: How To Do It Seriously

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Attracting House Buyers

Attracting house buyers is one of our main goals when we are trying to sell the house.  The buyers’ first impression is what we need to work on because according to statistics the buyers first impression is made in the first two minutes.  But that is too short, isn’t it? Well then, time to start assessing your house for sale if it’s got what it takes in attracting house buyers.

Do a survey of your own house.  Get a pen and paper and make a checklist. When you have everything written down, you need to come up with some action plan as soon as possible and make a deadline.  In attracting house buyers your presentation is very crucial. Understand buying cycle and triggers.  What really motivates a house buyer to decide in buying your house?  Think as if you are the buyer and you can start from there.

  • Paintwork Condition – Now, you are outside and reminding yourself that you are the buyer and you can see right away that the exterior paint isn’t just what it used to be.  It is rather tardy.  The minute your potential buyer stands outside your door, his eyes will survey the very first thing that he can see.  So are you a motivated real estate seller? What can you do, then?  Consider repainting your house with a neutral color that should work well on most styles and will be attracting house buyers.  Get a professional painter to get it done or if you have the skill to do it, then do it.
  • Untamed Jungle – Yes, your property is badly maintained.  You can see that now because you’re putting yourself in the shoes of the buyer.  So don’t waste your time, you want a well-manicured lawn and neatly pruned trees and sort this out pronto.  Get a gardener if necessary or again if you think you can do it, then don’t waste money and time.  You are likely attracting house buyers fast to get through your door to view your whole house if the outside makeover is done in time for the house viewing.
  • Smell – Okay, the state of the house outside is attracting house buyers on your opinion.  That’s great!  Now, enter the house.  How does your house smell?  C’mon let’s be honest here.  Clean isn’t good enough.  Cleaner and smelling fresh are two things that we would like to achieve here.  A smelly house is a number one turn off.  When you are a smoker and you’ve got pets smelling all over the place.  All those unpleasant odors combined together will be attracting house buyers?  No.  Well, some owners can’t actually smell it especially when you are used to the odor of the house.  If you have this problem, ask someone to give you their honest opinion.  Because smell is in fact a distraction for almost all house buyers.  So work on eradicating the smell.
  • Personal Effects – Let’s face it, you love to collect stuffs when you are traveling.  Or you love to show off your trophies and photos in every corner of the house. Well, we need to tone down and rearrange things in such a way that it’s not too much for the buyer to take in.  Less is more as they said. We all have unique styles and not everyone will agree with us.  You will be attracting buyers so reconsider further.  Make sure that they can visualize themselves to live in your house.
  • Kitchen & Bathrooms – If I am the potential buyer, I will first consider the kitchen.  Most of my free time is totally dedicated in my kitchen. This is because my passion is baking and cooking.  So do me a favor.  Check out your kitchen tiles as well as your bathrooms.  Re-grout the tiles.  Treat old cupboards that had seen better days and spend something to change your old and tardy worktop.  I can assure you that you will be attracting house buyers like me in no time.

This makeover is pretty much necessary in attracting house buyers.  Do yourself a favor if you have considered selling the house soon.  You will need a few days to sort these things out so take the time to plan and consider everything especially the cost involved.  As I mentioned earlier, if you have the skill and time then do it yourself or ask a few of your friends and relatives to give you a hand.

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