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What Is A Bedroom?

Ah, a simple question one would ask, what is a bedroom? Well, a bedroom by definition is generally an interior room; large enough to fit at least a twin-size bed have a closet and a window for ingress, egress type…

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To Our Atlanta Real Estate Seller

We are Atlanta Real Estate Doctors. We can diagnose and solve your problem now. Unless you prefer to have stress… And who wants that? The people we work with hire us to solve their Atlanta Real Estate challenges whether large or small.  We…

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Two Bathrooms or One

Two Bathrooms or One? Of course, my answer would be – two bathrooms.   Do you agree with me or not?  I think the answer would be yes and for good reasons.  Let’s discuss why: Privacy and Convenience – If…

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Amazing Home Upcycling Projects

Amazing home upcycling is making a splash this year.  It is awesome to see all these useless products converted into new, quality and useful materials. According to Wiki, the amazing home upcycling idea was introduced in a German book by…

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