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Landlocked In Atlanta Georgia

  Landlocked in Atlanta Georgia? Landlocked is a term that is sometimes  erroneously applied in real estate referring to a seller wanting to move on but just can’t sell their existing home in order to raise money needed to put…

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Oh, It’s Monday Again!

Have you heard yourself or someone complaining lately as to why it’s Monday again?  Probably not.  And only because you are possibly running your own real estate company now however, years ago before you bid goodbye to the corporate world,…

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Visit us, like us, and we will return the favor

Visit us, like us, and we will return the favor. Have you got a minute to spare?  If the answer is yes, thank you so much. We urge everyone to kindly visit this site www.investinatlantarealestate.com everyday if possible, check out the f button for…

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SOS – Save Our System

“The drainage is clogged, help!” “What’s wrong with this faucet, it’s dripping?” “Ewww, there’s a bad smell in the toilet?” These are just few complaints that we hear others are complaining.  Having transferred into a new house, I am just…

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House Tech

  Houses nowadays have become increasingly the site of interest with all these new technologies and gadgets that we tend to install depending on what’s the latest in store.  We actually become more dependent to technology since this helps creates…

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Home Phone – Useful Or Not Anymore?

Did it ever cross your mind that it is time to get rid of your home phone? Or do you think that home phone still provides a great advantage for the majority of homeowners? The latest data shows that the…

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Decorating Your Atlanta Home

Have you considered decorating your Atlanta home, lately?  Have you thought of some changes in colors to make your house more fashionable?   Well, if you are reading this you’ve probably considered the thought of decorating your Atlanta home. I am…

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Why Furniture Matters

When we are in the business of renting out houses we want to be sure that the house is attractive enough to merit the approval of choice and to stand out among other houses for rent in the market.  One…

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