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questionsHow’s our blog?  How would you like to share some of your thoughts with our readers?  Are you as passionate as we are in real estate?  If your answers to all my questions are YES then, what are you waiting for?  Share with our readers today.

If you tick the boxes, then it’s you who we want!
–  Consistent reader of our blog

–  With vivid, inspiring and unique ideas

–  Content stands out and is well written

–  Familiar with the particular content that we feature in our blog

–  Owns an original image that we can use during publishing the blog

–  A commitment to be available for any follow ups on your post should any comments be made on it.  We will let you know if any should come up.

Guidelines in Publishing – Very Important!

  • Content must be 100% original, at least 400 words (most word processors will tell you word count these days)
  • Image or other materials must be yours and please include captions.
  • Content must only be published in our blog site and yours, and nowhere else.
  • Content should preferably be related to Real Estate, House Repairs/Rehabbing, Investing, Buying, Selling, DYIs, etc. How-to’s are most welcome!
  • To include video, please upload your video to YouTube and send us the link.
  • Guest writers are contributors that do not solicit payment or any other kind in return.
  • Guest bloggers should not reuse the post on their site due to Google restrictions.
  • Sponsored posts, paid for reviews advertorials, paid links, promotion, etc. are not acceptable.
  • We will review your post and when it’s approved we will notify you in writing by e-mail.
  • All content will be reviewed and must meet our requirements before publication.
  • Removal of post is expected if malpractice is exercise.

N O T E:  A bio of up to 3 sentences is acceptable in establishing our guest writer’s identity.  This includes your name, email address, and even a phone number if you want readers to make a direct contact with you.  And a picture of yourself (optional), people want to get to know you!

Perhaps you’re asking now WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?

  1. As a guest blogger, you can enjoy the exposure to this well visited site.
  2. You may include links.  If you want a link to your personal or business website, please include up to 2 links in your bio and 1 link inside the body of the article.

After reviewing the above information and you have conformed to our guidelines and specifics, you may send us an e-mail to info@workingwithhouses.com .

We are excited to read your awesome thoughts!  Send it now! 




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