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Avoiding Six Common Mistakes on Home Presentation

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Home Presentation

Home presentation can influence House Buyers.  When a house buyer steps into your house for sale, his decision ultimately will be influenced by many factors.  To make sure that these factors are working in your favor you have to examine all the important details before you schedule your home presentation.

In your home presentation, make sure to avoid these 6 common mistakes:

  • No House Number – When you schedule your home presentation, make sure to replace the house number that disappeared for years.  Years ago, I was house hunting and couldn’t find the house number.  I had to go to the address twice. I was no longer interested but the owner called and insisted on picking me up to see the house.  This is an essential part of your house presentation so make sure that this is visible outside your gate.
  • Personal Statements – This can be a turn off for most house buyers.  During home presentation, you may keep those numerous family photos in a box and just leave a few.  Unusual art furnishings can also be a negative factor to most buyers so keep this out of the house buyers sight.  It is important that house buyer will feel comfortable and can visualize the property as his own house.
  • An Empty House – Avoid an empty house during home presentation. This can create a smaller look of your house.  We don’t want our buyers to feel that the house is too small for them.  Make sure to arrange your furniture strategically.
  • Smell – Your pets are very important.  You cared for them like your own kids.  However during home presentation let us find a way to keep them away from house buyers.  Not everyone loves animals and some of them even have allergies.  Avoid the scenario wherein a buyer will not buy the house due to the smell.  A new smell is positive to most Buyers.  Find a way to eradicate the smell during home presentation.
  • Dirty House – If you are too busy and your house is dirty, do not schedule the home presentation on that day.  Schedule it in such a way that you have the time to clean before the house buyer visits your house.  Not all buyers are easy.  Most buyers actually like clean houses just like you and me.  So remind yourself that cleanliness is very important and should not be taken for granted.
  • Garbage Collection Day – Don’t ever schedule your home presentation that will coincide the garbage collection day.  To avoid this, make sure to check the schedule a week before.  We don’t want the garbage trucks collecting your garbage or your neighbors on that day.

Attention to detail during home presentation is your key to selling your house.  Visualize your house like a house buyer does.  If you can’t do this ask someone else who is honest enough to tell you the truth.  Always consider the house buyers side in every aspect.  You will increase the saleability of your property if you put your feet in the house buyers’ shoes.

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