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Kids Real Estate Education And The Importance Of Saving

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Kids Real Estate Education

Kids Real Estate education and the importance of saving money at a very young age will help them invest wisely in the future.  So why wait, educate them now.

My daughter is only 10 and when I get to hang out with the parents of her classmates at school during school events, they are almost always discussing their kid’s future. In fact, most of them have already purchased a piece of land to hold on to for them.  A very wise move.

I own a few lots that I inherited from my parents that I did not have a clue what to do with before I began my career in the real estate industry. However, after two years I now have a clearer vision. I want to influence and share what I learned in this passionate world of Real Estate.  I think it is necessary for kids Real Estate education to start now.

Just recently, I have been approached by a few friends who want to sell their land and if I decide to buy any of these properties, I would like my daughter to be aware of the moves that I will be making. Kids Real Estate education can be difficult if the child is not interested.  So you need to get the interest of your child first.  As I have been discussing it with my daughter, I can tell by the look of her face that she is more than interested to learn everything.

Before we even introduce the Real Estate market to our kids, we should then teach them the importance of saving for the future. My daughter learned this at a young age. I opened her own bank account as a gift when she turned two years old. Since then she has understand the value of saving money and spending wisely. There are other ways to educate our kids about saving. Help them learn the differences between needs and wants and how to spend the money wisely. This will help them prepare with their decision making skill when it comes to spending in the future.

Kids Real Estate education can then be introduced by slowly discussing with your kids the basics of home ownership and the initial payments involved. If and when you need a lender it is important to explain to your kids that for your loan to get approved, you will need to prove a solid background of good credit and smart financial decisions.

With the advent of the internet and the global economy our children around aware of at a young age, it’s easier than ever to make them to be conscious of the importance of smart financial planning and how property ownership falls into that category.

With everything that we are planning to do it is important to include our kids Real Estate education early, teach them on how to set goals and the value of saving money for their future.

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