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Teach Kids to Become Independent

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Kids staying home

Kids staying home with parents are probably not a bad idea. Would you like your kids to live with you forever?

I am probably one of those moms who will say, “Yes”.   But, would you like them to be dependent on you all the time?  What if you are unable to support them anymore?  In a perfect world most of us would probably want our kids to be around where we can help them at any moment.  However this kind of arrangement will prevent your kids’ growth and will potentially cause some undesirable effects to both – the parents and kids.

On the other hand, there are some kids staying home with their parents for quite a while now who would also prefer to just stay for as long as they can.  And some parents will have to face the situation where they have to be the one to ask their kids to be independent. This is a difficult situation, indeed. But parents will have to set the rules and there are several ways to do it:

  • Help Them Transfer To A New Space – Kids staying home with their parents for 20 years or so will have to decide on their own to make a life without mom and dad all the time.  However some kids will have some difficulty on how to start their adult life on their own especially if they’ve been staying home all their life.  Give them a hand by finding an ideal place for them.  A flat will do for a start.  Set a day where you can accompany your children to inspect a space for them to live.
  • Downsizing – When you are renting and paying an expensive monthly rent to accommodate grown up children, then it’s time to face the reality and make kids staying home aware of it.  Let them know the importance of downsizing to save cost, now that they are already adults.  You might just save the rent for a small place of your own.  At the same time you are helping your kids to become independent and to face the reality of life.
  • Divide Bills At Home – Teach kids staying home on how to become independent by asking them to pay bills.  You can do that by dividing the monthly bills at home such as water, internet, electricity, and subscriptions.  Ask them to contribute by buying their own food. By doing this, your kids will not just spend money on unnecessary things.  And you are teaching your kids the importance of saving.
  • Cleaning – Divide household chores such as washing, weeding the gardens, cleaning the kitchen, cooking, etc.  When you teach kids staying home about household chores early in life, you are teaching them how to be responsible.

Training your kids that are staying home should start with you.  As parents should see to it that your kids understand this.  Your proper guidance will enable them to become responsible adult.

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