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April 2015

Team building with your Virtual Assistants.

Mastering the principles in Real Estate Investing

What it’s like to meet your VA in person and a trip to the Philippines!


March 2015

A little tip for New Real Estate Investors.

Living the 80/20 Way book review

Ken Corsini shared his knowledge on how to screen your tenants.


issue20February 2015

Introducing the 80/20 VA Office System!

Tips on how to become a successful Real Estate Investor.

Melanie Vargas talks about selling a house with a tenant.


issue19January 2015

Happy New Year, 2015!  Reflect and make new plans.

The Art of the Deal book – principles that you can apply on today’s investing.

Successful deal using transactional lending.


issue17November 2014

The Meaning of Thanksgiving Day

Investors Ready for Black Friday?

Tips on Rehabbing Houses.


issue16October 2014

Trick or treating new Real Estate marketing ideas this Halloween?

Carrie Cavander – the newest addition to our team!

How good habits helps real estate investors?


issue15July 2014

Summertime in the USA!

The Firewalkers on Tony Robbins Immersion Program!

Successful deals happen when you surround yourself with lenders and subcontractors wisely!


issue14June 2014

The Declaration of Independence.

The art of listening is a skill that we can all learn and apply in Real Estate Investing

Tips on how to manage your time effectively to improve productivity.


issue13May 2014

Did you get a chance to say hi to your mom in spite of your hectic Real Estate business deals?

Meet one of our Virtual Assistants – Sarah!

The Atlanta Wholesaling Group recent meetup update.


issue12April 2014

WWH is celebrating a Happy Easter and grateful to all of you!

The most important reason of all behind the celebration is JESUS.

Featuring a great book that tells you on how to start your day right and why


issue11March  2014

Ready to take a time off from Real Estate investing and go green on St. Patrick’s Day?

Check out the three considered elements for success.

A deal was made possible due to team power, hurray!


issue10February 2014

Tips on Valentine’s Day: Winter Weather & Real Estate Maintenance.

How to test the Real Estate Seller’s motivation?

Check out our humorous Real Estate dose of laughter!



January 2014

A phenomenal Happy New Year is about to come starting out with REIA meeting!

Team assessment with the aid of Tony Robbins “Pain & Pleasure Audio”.

A Little Tip: Fall in love with the System.


issue8November 2013

Happy New Year! Grateful for everyone in this passionate world of Real Estate business.

The importance of solid communication.

Tips on Rehabbing Houses, remember that health is wealth.


issue7October 2013

A Month of Reflection as we grow our Real Estate investing!

How to grow your Real Estate business using social media.

Never assume anything especially in Real Estate Investing.


issue6August 2013

Opportunity is everywhere in Atlanta Real Estate!

The Real Estate Market is up!

Guest bloggers are invited to write for us.


issue5July 2013 

Happy  Holiday!

Take advantage of what was learned during the last crash and invest wisely!

The Atlanta Real Estate Wholesaling Meetup Group is born! Check us out!



April 2013

Housing is on a road to recovery after the collapse in the market!

A little tip features Springtime Marketing

Persistence from the Attorney and the Team to get the deals done has paid off!


janJanuary 2013

Make a goal this New Year’s Day with the determination to achieve it!

How many deals you want to wholesale this year, per month?

How to work with Sellers?



November 2012

Time to say Thank You on Thanksgiving Day!

What are the considerations involved when putting a deal under contract.

Deals happens when Teamwork & Social Media works!


octoberOctober 2012

Introducing, Working With Houses’ first newsletter!

Gear up for a fun Halloween and don’t forget to drop by our site while you are house hunting, we have a treat for you!

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