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Building Your Brand

New investors, excited and hyped up after completing their real estate education courses, start running ads and putting up websites without giving an thought on their branding. They think this is something they can just do later, only to find…

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Under Promise, Over Deliver

‘Under promise, over deliver’ is a phrase heard too often in the marketing industry today. However it often seems to be a line that is only used but is not really backed up whether it is car dealers or real…

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Which Offer To Accept?

House flipping is a lucrative business for real estate investing companies and individual investors alike. However, it is crucial to be very careful about what offers to accept even if the market is a little tighter right now. Getting stuck…

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What To Watch For When Buying Internet Leads

Purchasing Internet leads can be a great way to give your real estate investing a boost and get off the ground running. However, you must make sure that you are getting quality leads or risk squandering your marketing budget with…

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Tips For Launching Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing wasn’t always a key factor in the success of real estate investing business. Some of the greatest investors of all time never relied on social media networks in their most successful periods. However, including social media as…

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Real Estate Marketing: Pain vs Pleasure

Instilling motivation in prospects is a key factor in real estate marketing. Figuring how best to do that is a challenge in itself. So how do you get your clients to take you up on what you’re offering? A lot…

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