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Real Estate Seller Leads Call Strategies

Real estate seller leads call is crucial.  This is our first time to connect with them after they expressed interests of selling their house through e-mails and voice mail messages.  When real estate seller leads calls this doesn’t mean that…

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Atlanta Homes Christmas time To Remember

It’s another episode of Atlanta homes Christmastime to remember!  Most houses in Atlanta are decorated with Christmas decors in extravagance you’d think you are driving in Disneyland.  I can’t help it but I am in awe of the glittering streets in…

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Happy Thanksgiving Day, 2014!

This Thanksgiving Day, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you readers, and most especially: Our Family Real Estate Agents Brokers Appraisers Attorneys  Contractors Home Buyers Loan Officers Investors The Industry  May you always be blessed with the…

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