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Property Makeover

Property Makeover: Steps That Will Not Hurt Your Pockets

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Property Makeover

Property makeover is necessary in order for your place to look appealing to renters or buyers.  Property makeover sometimes is the key to maximize your rent or sale.

If your property’s been rented for a few years without any upgrades you will have to make a decision for your property to stand out from the masses of other available properties in your area. You do not have to make a major property makeover as it will take time and of course it could your hurt pocket in the process. You have to find a way to make your property attractive with these simple, smart steps:

  • Put On A Fresh Look – It’s not too much to spend a few dollars on some walls.  White paint or neutral colors are safer as it makes the whole room bigger and cleaner.  Property makeover doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can also check out if you still have some cans of leftover paints and use that in touching up the wall paints instead of buying new ones. A fresh paint will do well to buyers’ eyes that are coming in to view the property. You can paint it yourself during your free time as well, it’ll save you money.  And don’t forget to clean your carpet to give it a fresher look.
  • Dimming Lights – When you enter the house with a possible tenant or buyer make sure the lights are working properly.  If not property makeover should include  a few changes on your electrical wiring or maybe it’s just that the light bulbs are too old.  You really have to carefully consider this one as it can be too old and it might signal insufficient amperage.  If you are not capable of doing this, you will have to hire a professional to do some changes on your electrical wiring.
  • Front Door – As it happens the front door of your property is the thing that will greet you first once entered the gate.  Naturally, your prospective renter or buyer will notice your front door right away. Make sure that this is included in the list during your property makeover. Check out your doorbell if it is working as well.  You actually don’t have to change the whole thing; maybe a new varnish to a wooden door will do good or a new paint.  Consider all the options possible before you decide to buy a new door.
  • Dingy Grout – If you are looking at your bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles and it needs changing, try using a tile grout applicator that will do wonders to your tiles.  You do not have to replace all the tiles in your bathroom during your property makeover. Go to the hardware and ask around if you are not familiar.  Ask for a demonstration on how to do it so you can do it yourself at home.
  • Front Yard – Are the bushes covering the facade of your house?  Make sure it isn’t.  If it does, all you need is hiring a local landscaper to do the landscaping of your front yard.  It’s not expensive.  Property makeover should include the front yard as this will affect your renter or buyers decision. Do not ever take this for granted.

You can rent or sell your house fast if you have done some property upgrades that will add value to your house.  Cleanliness is also very important. A landlord who goes the extra mile to do the property makeover regularly will help the attractive will not only receive a greater monthly income, but will attract a better quality of renter and buyer.

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