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Real Estate Bird Dogs Wanted

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Looking For Rockstar Real Estate Bird Dog

That’s right we are looking for Real Estate bird dogs that are very motivated and will find their way to get us more leads than we ever imagined was possible.  This is a very serious ad that we’ve run everyday for months and it has proven to be a wealth of information for finding those people who want to be a “bird dog”.

As we all know bird dogging gives you an opportunity to make extra cash without having to do any hard labor.  All that is needed from the prospective bird dog is to refer us to someone they know or have heard of that is looking to sell their house or houses for cash and to let the seller know their intentions that they will be brokering a deal to connect them to a cash buyer.  Being a bird dog requires amongst the least effort required of all of real estate processes and the person is paid to do it.  It’s a great place to start to get involved.  Even if this bird dog is just looking for some cash on the side, this is probably one of the easiest ways to do it.  Find a house, tell us about it and if it works, you get paid.  No fancy messages, no rocket science, no gimmicks, no tricks.  Bird Dogs can also help some homeowners in the process when they are house hunting for an immediate buyer of the house but they can’t find one.  There are tons of people out there needing help and there is a good chance that this bird dog rock star in the making knows them.

Click the links below to check out and learn more about bird dogs:

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For Charlotte click here

For Savannah click here

Real Estate bird dogs play an important part in the real estate investment plan. Understanding the process on how to go about it using various resources can help a bird dog find the best deals that he can ever bring to an investor’s table. We wanted our bird dogs to become professional at what they do and so we keep them well informed about the process because we also want them to reach their goal of increasing their potential income.

Check out here for our training camp videos specifically intended to guide the bird dogs and to clarify some questions: 

We treat our bird dogs very seriously and of course we provide realistic fees based on the size of the deal and in specific circumstances, the time spent on the lead.  Our goal is to make it reasonable to them since repeat business is the goal of our team.

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