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Real Estate Valuation Online

Real Estate Valuation Online: What’s The Real Score?

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Real Estate Valuation Online

Real estate valuation online tools are useful when you want to get an instant and easy estimate on the price of the properties in your area.  Thanks to the internet sites, all the tools we need are just a click away.  These real estate valuation online calculators are provided free of charge and can give you an idea on how much money you could potentially make from selling your house.

While these real estate valuation online tools are a goldmine of information to base your expectations, you also need to go out there and really do a physical check-up of the house before you can come up with a final figure.  Let’s discuss some of the things to consider when comparing house prices in your area.

The size of the land – is one of the factors in deciding the overall property value.  Two homes of exactly the same built sitting on two different sizes of land will have two different prices.  So using the real estate valuation online calculator when comparing your home with the others with 3 or 4 bedrooms will not give you an accurate figure altogether.

The actual location – savvy real estate investors’ number one rule when buying a property is the location. Because they are aware that identical homes can increase or decrease in value due to location.  And the best location should be situated in the prime spots which include access to amenities, main roads, highly desirable school district that is if parents are concerned with kids’ education.  And another factor would be the social demographics.  Good locations could vary from a city, country or mountains.  And the real estate valuation online calculator could give the estimate but you have to have a strong familiarity of the location.

The actual house condition – and the repairs or renovation that you need to consider in a home price will be another important factor to look at and is not accurate just by looking at the house pictures posted online.  The online tools can yes, give you the estimate but do not expect to type address into the real estate valuation online tools and get back to you with the accurate value of the house.

So what’s the real score with the real estate valuation online?  The explained this in their site: This home price estimation service provides information about the value of your house or condo. Estimates are available for millions of homes across the US.  It is not an actual appraisal and is only an estimate based on real estate market information such as recent sales prices, public records, property sales data, tax records and real estate market trends.  Determining the most accurate home prices is best left up to a real estate professional.  If you are planning to sell or refinance your home, contact your Real Estate Agent to help coordinate a professional appraisal or comparative market assessment (CMA), as this tool can only give a general idea of the value of your home, and cannot take into consideration certain details related to your home or neighborhood.

You can also call us at 678-408-228 to help you in the process of selling your house.  Check this video for more information.


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