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CASH for Referrals


We believe and know opportunity is all around you.

You can make the most of your daily driving to take advantage of it.

We are a local real estate company that does everything it can to find houses in the Atlantaholiday-cash Real Estate Market to purchase but we cannot be everywhere at all time! More than Real Estate, our vision and passion puts us in the people business. Our mission is to help our local communities, one family at a time, one house at a time, through real estate solutions and education.

referralsAnd YOU can be a part of this mission! Our program is designed specifically for community members to be rewarded for taking an active approach in helping their friends, neighbors and their area. Many people want or need to sell their home but do not realize the options available to them beyond a traditional real estate agent. With the help of friends like you, we can provide solutions to more and more people.

So which houses do we want to know about? Here are a few examples:

  • For sale by owner (FSBO) homes
  • Vacant Homes
  • Distressed or neglected homes
  • Fire damaged homes
  • Homes that need to sell right away
  • Homes where payments are a challenge

All you have to do is send us the information on it and if we move forward with it, we will pay you a referral fee. Simple as that!

There is no limit to how many houses you can find so the more leads you give us, the more potential checks arrive in your mailbox!

So where in Atlanta do we look? Anywhere in the Atlanta area and all surrounding counties. If you are outside of the surrounding counties, send it anyway as we may know someone in that local area that can make something happen as well if we cannot.

To submit a property, go to http://atlantapropertyfinders.weebly.com/and once you’re there, just simply follow the instructions.

** Some FAQs:

-> How do you check the status of a lead? Simply write leadsatl@workingwithhouses.com and we will provide you an update.

-> When do you get paid? You will be notified as the property goes through the closing process. Once closed, you will receive it within five business days.

-> What happens if someone else has already submitted the lead? The person who submits it first will get the credit. We will notify you if a lead has already been submitted.

-> Can I recruit others as well? You are welcome to but if you do so, any financial arrangements should be made between you and them in advance!

-> What if there is a Real Estate agent sign in the yard? While we generally prefer working with properties that are not being managed by a real estate agent, there are certain scenarios where we do work with these situations. We handle these on a case by case basis so if you know the situation and/or the owner of the property, feel free to send it along.

-> Is there really no limit to how many houses we can submit? That’s correct there is no limit.

-> Do you do commercial property? At this time, we are looking primarily at single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, quads, townhomes and some condos.

Does this really work? Check out the following testimonials!

  • ‘I have been fo’rtunate to bring deals to Frank who can quickly analyze a property and close on it quickly. It took him less then three weeks to get things done.’ –Cedric V.
  • ‘Working with Frank and his company Working with Houses LLC. was awesome. Frank is a a definite Go to Guy for your Real Estate needs!’ –Patrick S.
  • ‘When I became a Real Estate Investor, I was pretty much lost and confused and I knew that I needed some help with this. Enter Frank who has been an Investor as well as mentor and friend. We have done some deals and made money together and I really could not have done it without him.’ –Andre
  • My experience with Working With Houses was one of a smooth wholesale transaction. He was very clear upfront with what he expected in a property and when I provided that property to him he and I closed on time with extremely little hassle. I came to him with a problem property, we made an agreement, we closed in less than 7 days. It does not get simpler than that. I can’t wait to work with him on our next deal and see where our continued business together goes. –Kyle T.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us at info@workingwithhouses.com today!

Go to: http://atlantapropertyfinders.weebly.com/ to submit a property NOW!


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