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Valentine’s Day Tradition In Atlanta Georgia

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Valentine's Day tradition

Valentine’s Day tradition has evolved with time.  Centuries ago, Valentine’s Day tradition began to honor the saints and martyrs.  At present, we celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving our love ones chocolates, flowers, bears, and anyone who can afford will buy a house on Valentine’s Day to show their affection.

Another Valentine’s Day tradition during my time was to give away romantic notes.   It’s still going on of course. I am pretty much happy just to receive love notes; I think that it’s equally as important as the gifts mentioned.  Don’t you think so?  And for most women, it’s endearing if you continually receive love notes long after the Valentine’s Day is celebrated.

“Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine!”  ~Thomas Hood

Valentine’s Day Tradition is celebrated with style in different places.  Let’s check out what Atlanta has to offer this Valentine’s Day 2015:

  • In Atlanta, there’s an event for couples who want to celebrate in style and it is dubbed as Atlanta: “Romance on the Rooftop”.  For some couples, this has become a Valentine’s Day tradition.  And it is indeed exciting to spend a night with your partner overlooking Atlanta’s magnificent view at night time.
  • Atlanta Hot-Air Balloon is such an amazing experience for couples.   And I think this is one Valentine’s Day Tradition that’s worth the money.  It is a bit expensive but you are doing this only once a year, so why not spend that money this year and have fun.  If you are planning to propose to your girlfriend, the hot air balloon ride could be a great idea.  So see Atlanta from a different view and experience a once in a lifetime fun and excitement.
  •  Restaurants Featuring Valentine’s Day Specials.  Another tradition in Atlanta in which restaurants are offering fixed priced menus that will cater to different couples with different budgets.  This is ideal to most couples and families who are busy and doesn’t have the time prepare something special on Valentines Day.
  • Hotel Packages can also be found in different hotels in Atlanta.  It’s a Valentine’s Day Tradition for most people who doesn’t like the hassle of travelling and would prefer to stay in the city.  For you can still enjoy this season inside a well decorated, beautiful honeymoon suites with romantic restaurant choices and all sorts of Valentine’s Day packages.
  • Staycation.  Others would prefer to be frugal and doesn’t want to fight the Valentine’s Day masses yearning to eat out.  Yes, most couples can also enjoy Valentine’s Day at home with a fabulous steak dinner for a fraction of the cost than what’s offered in most restaurants.  Good deals can be found in most groceries offering affordable wines.  You can buy some candles ahead of time, prepare some romantic music that both of you loves to listen and enjoy the night away.

Whichever Valentine’s Day tradition that you are following today; it’s a nice time to remind ourselves to express our love and appreciate not only our romantic partner but also those that we value, such as your friends, family, colleagues, etc.

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