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Virtual Assistants – Inexpensive Labor or Invaluable Team Members?

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If you have been around real estate for any length of time now, you have probably heard about Virtual Assistants or VAs for short.  Recently when an audience was asked what came to their mind when the term ‘VA’ was said.

The following answers were given:

1)    International

2)    Cheap

3)    Hard to Understand

4)    Busy work tasks

No wonder more people don’t leverage this awesome opportunity to its capacity!  The mindset is not one for success before the relationship even begins.  The mold is broken by bringing up several key points as they relate to VAs.  They are:

  • Are they your team member or are they just doing tasks?
  • Hiring and training them to make decisions for you
  • How they fit into the 80/20 rule when leveraged properly so you get your time back

Reality is, running a business does take some work but it does not have to be overly complicated, time consuming or difficult.  It does however require preparation, planning and ultimately systems.  It won’t happen until you first decide to Stop Doing It All Yourself.

A lot of ground can be covered on how VAs play a part in:

  • Scaling your business
  • Differences between local and virtual help
  • Unleashing the right VAs to run your day to day for you so you focus on growth
  • The principals the team uses to look at over 100 deals every single week and cherry pick what makes sense

Bottom line, it is competitive out there with the market picking up speed and more investors vying for the same deals.  To make more money at a faster pace requires efficiency and speed.  Having the right team in place is critical to achieving this successfully.  Having just one helping hand daily can make a huge impact to get started.  VAs can help you accomplish this with greatly reduced costs if done properly.

So get ready for an action packed time together!  And Stop Doing It All Yourself!

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