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Why Invest in Atlanta?


Why Atlanta’s Real Estate Market Is A Hot Spot to Investors and Buyers?

Atlanta is the biggest metropolitan area in the state of Georgia and the metro area present ripe property investing opportunities for enterprising wholesalers and investors.

Although inventory levels have fallen since 2012 Atlanta is still a good market for buyers and even if it is not totally a buyers market, buyers can sometimes still negotiate for private sellers to pay some of the closing costs.

Prices are certainly lower than they were at the peak of the property boom before the bubble burst in 2006 – 2007 and short sale and foreclosure properties can still be found at 1990’s prices or less.

Here are five good reasons why people want to live in Atlanta and this ensures a demand for housing from which investors benefit:

  1. There is a rich mix of commercial and industrial activity including Hartsfield–JacksonAtlantaInternationalAirport providing employment and prosperity to the local economy.
  2. There is a choice of good schools and this even applies in some less desirable neighborhoods.
  3. Prices for a rehabbed detached family home begin at $50,000 and you can get something big and attractive with character for less than $100,000.
  4. AtlantaCity has umpteen topnotch restaurants, entertainment centers with Cineplex and outdoor parks and tails for folks with energy rather than money to burn.
  5. Atlanta is a shopper’s paradise for everything you will need from the weekly groceries to buying furnishings, fabrics or perhaps a new outfit. Check out Lenox Square at 3393 Peachtree Road NE for top brands or go to the CNNCenter for a memorable experience and a chance to pick up clothing memorabilia for Atlanta Braves, Hawks and Thrashers

In short, Atlanta is a great place to invest your time and money into and I have the fulfillment of building my own housing wholesale business.  Who knows you may decide to give the best endorsement possible by living in Atlanta yourself. There’s no better endorsement than actually living here yourself like I do.



Atlanta’s Well Deserved Feather In The Cap

Atlanta has the clout to host major events and it does so by making use of their world class infrastructure and state of the art facilities.

National Geographic Traveler details “50 Places of a Lifetime,” and there’s Atlanta, hoisted up with natural beauties, ancient cities and little-known islands. (National Geographic Traveler lists Atlanta’s trees among its greatest features — one that landed us on the magazine’s list of “50 Places of a Lifetime.” )

In 2000, 24 Fortune 1000 corporations were headquartered in metropolitan Atlanta. Atlanta is home to BellSouth, Delta Airlines, Home Depot, UPS, and Georgia-Pacific, among other big names.

Atlanta was an empowerment zone city named by the Clinton administration, but in 2002 it converted to a “Renewal Community” allowing the city to benefit from a nationwide pot of $17 billion in tax incentives. Businesses within the three “renewal clusters” that were created receive tax credits and deductions, capital gains exclusives, and bond financing.

Atlanta has a flourishing Banking and Financial sector with presence of many financial and banking institutions within its city limits. Federal Reserve System has a district head quarter in Atlanta.

Atlanta has been slower to suffer a downturn and quicker to recover from any temporary setback than many other major American cities. In fact, metropolitan Atlanta saw a decrease in unemployment and an increase in its labor force between 2002–2003 despite the country’s economic recession during that time period.

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